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is an internet jobs service and recruiter that specializes in the senior and over 50ies market. you can advertise your availability by posting r√ƒ∆’√‚¬©sum√ƒ∆’√‚¬©s, or you can advertise job vacancies, if you offer positions for Seniors. In addition, we offer active paid Job Searches for individuals.
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Jobs for Seniors

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We try to keep this selection simple, so that it is easy to find the opportunities you are looking for

Are you a Senior and you want to work?
This is a Place where you will find Recruiters, Employers and Job Opportunities.
Are you an employed Senior (over 50) and have you lost your Job? Click here to find out what to do now!

A Job Search is different when you are a Senior, that is why we have some pages that might help you get onto the right track!
Formulating your needs is the key to a successful job search when you are a Senior.

What are you selling? The Resume for the Senior Applicant
Page of Links to Sites with Valuable Advice
How to Start a Business Some helpful Guidelines
Go and Find a Volunteer Job

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A Site for Jobs for Seniors
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How to Start a Business when you are a Senior
Starting your own Business

Start Your Own Business
(Part II)
The Tools and Opportunities


Starting your own Business
(Part III)
(in cooperation with

√‚¬ Some Initial Thoughts about a Start-up
√‚¬ *
The Business Plan
√‚¬ *
Creating an Internet Presence

Starting a Business has certain risks. But for many Seniors it is a new and exciting life. As long as you are aware that your financial resources have to be well cared fore, it can be an exhillerating experience!

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Think You Can Teach Abroad

Find the Types of Jobs you want, Here on the left!
Trying to re-enter the Job Market!
Define first what you want and why you want it!
Are you thinking about going back to work?
Have you left the workforce for several years and you want to go back?
Have you retired from your main job and would like to find different kind of work?

Skilled older employees who like to work and exhibit maturity and responsibility are highly priced. Now, you have a chance to find the work you want and match it with what the market offers. You can also find a niche market and then go about creating a job for yourself.

But first you have to assess (go here for our help page to your Self Assessment) what you have to offer, and not least, what you want. After that, you can find out what the market place offers and match your ability to that.

Once you have completed your Self Assessment, you should have a fair idea about what you would like to do. But remain flexible and be willing to compromise. Remember, the most important difference between looking for a job after retirement, and looking for a job before retirement, is that some key goals and requirements have changed.


Decide where to Look for a Job!
What kind of Jobs are out there?
Looking for a job after you retire is very different than looking for a new job while you were in full time employment. Apart from having different goals (which you should have defined now after having gone through our Assessment Page), you might also have different financial demands. Look closely at how a new-after-retirement-job, will impact your current lifestyle and age considerations and then select where you look for a job!

In general terms the options you have are

work full time (with a single employer)
work part time (with a single employer)
work temporary jobs (full or part time)
work as a volunteer
work as a freelancer or independent consultant
start your own business

They are not very different options from those you had when you were in regular employment. What changed is your own demands on the job you are getting. Retirement is your time to rest and to enjoy your life. Maybe, you do not want a 40 hour a week job. Maybe you want a job where it is easy to get time off to enjoy a trip or some other activity.

Do people discriminate against Age?
Well, they are not supposed to, but they obviously do. In some areas more than others. It is clear that your ability to do certain things decreases with age. For instance, no one would employ a 70 year old airline pilot, however good his health or his flying ability. A 55 year old programmer would not be employed as the lead programmer for the creation of some "new age system". He might manage the group that does it, but he certainly would not be the lead programmer. So you have to look at jobs where your age is an asset.


Custom Search

Doing your own Thing
We have known people who started their own business. One of these people used to be a British Civil Servant. He had a very laid back career and when he retired wanted to do something relatively risky. His small venture grew into a substantial company and after ten years, when he was 72, he sold it for more than $150 million. We thought he would retire then, but no, he started another company and he is still at it. The point we want to make is that it is never to late to start something new.

But be careful with your retirement money, you may invest some, but do not risk all, that would be pretty short sighted. So whatever you start, do it responsibly!
If you look for some help to
start something new, look here!

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Having a Second Career in Healthcare?
Are you attentive to the needs of others? Are you retired but like to interact with other people? Or, are you just fed up, going to the golf course or the tennis club and hearing the same old "big fish stories" again and again?

If you want a new activity and are willing to learn something, you could try and get some training as a Certified Nursing Assistant. They help make the life of many older retired people better. Once you have gained your certification, after a 6 to 12 week CNA training course, you can work full or part time! There are many positions open to you and the CNA salary is not bad either!



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Are my Retirement Benefits and Social Security affected if I take an income earning Job?
When you reach full retirement age (65 if you were born in 1937 gradually increasing to 67 if you were born in 1960) you will receive full Social Security retirement benefits regardless of how much you also earn working.

If you retired at 62 or between 62 and your full retirement age and receive Social Security your will lose $1.00 in benefits for every $2.00 you earn over the annual limit (currently - 2006 - around $11, 500 per year).

In addition to getting additional money your employer might offer health insurance and a 401k. If the employer offers matching your contributions on their 401k, you could benefit from a whole new investment.

You have to check that your new income does not affect your pension benefits from your pre-retirement employment. Company pension plans have different policies regarding this and you should check with your pension plan to see how your benefits might be affected.

Income from a net post retirement job could also place you in a higher tax bracket. This could affect withdrawals from your IRA and 401k benefits. It could mean that you have to pay higher taxes than you had planned. It could also make a greater portion of your Social Security benefits to be subject to taxes.

If you accept a job with an income of, say more than $12,000 a year, it may be beneficial to consult a tax accountant and to have the tax impacts explained to you. The money you pay for such a consultation will be worth your peace of mind.

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